Golfer Bryson DeChambeau deems himself ready for world long-drive championship


SUGAR GROVE, Illinois — Bryson DeChambeau has spent the past four months recovering from surgery on his left wrist, but he’s fit enough to compete in another long-distance driving competition later this month. It is said that

DeChambeau said on Thursday that he will be competing in the Professional Long Drivers Association World Championship in Mesquite, Nevada from September 27th to October 1st.

Before competing in last year’s World Long Drive Championship, DeChambeau claimed he broke his hand while training for the event. That contest came two days after he competed in the Ryder His Cup held at Whistling Strait.

DeChambeau underwent surgery on his left wrist on April 14th. He said doctors performed surgery to repair a broken hook on the ungulate.

“I haven’t trained my hands. [last year]so the Hamate hook is gone,” DeChambeau told ESPN on Thursday. “They shaved it down to the bone. but it’s fine now.”

DeChambeau, who was one of the long hitters on the PGA Tour before making the switch to the Rive golf circuit, said in recent training his club speed reached 216 to 217 mph.

DeChambeau finished seventh at last year’s Long Drive World Championships. He advanced to the final day of the competition. His longest drive was 406 yards.

“I had no pain or anything,” DeChambeau said. “The rest is just endurance. That’s why I train to see if I’m okay. I train hands that I couldn’t do before. I’m looking forward to hitting them.” Far. “


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